Structure steel building Fabrication Consulting

STEEL SOLUTION COMPANY – S.S.C is professional manufacturer and engineering company for steel structures project with full capability of research, design, fabrication, construction, supervision service. We has equipped with advanced software and system such 3D dimension software, and we has professional designers and technical engineers for fabrication assembly and erection.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Structural steel has a long list of benefits associated with it as a sustainable and highly reliable material for construction. Furthermore the fabrication and welding processes is necessary to transform the structural steel to the final products in order to use in construction projects.

Structural Steel Benefits

Structural steel is a beneficial material for a wide range of applications. The material weighs far less when compared to many other metals. Steel is a very popular material for large-scale construction projects. Steel is also is flexible to customize to fit your specifications or requirement.

Structural Steel Fabrication is a complex process, general description as below:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Cutting and machining
  • Punching and drilling
  • Straightening, bending and rolling
  • Fitting and reaming
  • Fastening
  • Finishing
  • Quality control
  • Surface treatment
  • Transportation

Benefits of Structural Steel Fabrication:


Steel is highly durable, it is corrosion resistant and tensile. It is relatively lighter than other building materials such as concrete. The strength of steel is higher than its density which makes it an excellent choice for construction. The minimum shelf life of steel is about 20-30 years if maintained well.

Flexibility in Construction

Steel is highly ductile and malleable. Its metallurgical properties enable it to be fabricated into any shape and size. General the steel structures fabricated by welding or bolting.


Structural steel coated with a fire resistant material (fire proof paint system) which makes it highly resistant to fire (1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours etc). It is water resistant. Furthermore the most of structural steel components are built off-site, thereby reducing the chances of any accidents on site.

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