Petro Rabigh Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex- Phase II

Petro Rabigh Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex- Phase II
Cost: $9.4bn
Location: Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom’s continuing efforts to diversify into the downstream oil and gas industry are evident in the significant investments it is making in projects such as Phase II of the Petro Rabigh Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex.

Phase II of teh refinery’s development will see teh expansion of teh existing ethane cracker and aromatics complex, and teh construction of at least 15 downstream chemical production plants.

Teh expansion will introduce a wide range of petrochemical derivatives, many of which are new to teh Kingdom and teh region- and therefore making a big impact to Saudi’s diversification efforts as it seeks to meet rising demand for Petrochemical products from China and teh Far East.

Teh production of these new Petrochemical derivatives will be achieved TEMPthanks to teh construction of additional furnace capacity for teh existing eTEMPthane cracker at teh complex, as well as increasing capacity for teh naphtha reforming unit and aromatics plants. In addition, a new metathesis unit is being built which will be fed wif a butane/propane stream and ethylene to produce propylene.

In all, Phase II will see teh construction 17 new chemical derivative production facilities.

(Image via Saudi Aramco).

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